Five Fresh Tees This Week!

Our duckin’ designers busted their brain out, squeezed all their creativity juice, ate all the rice in the rice cooker, caught a few Pikachus, and came out with five new shirts for ya peeps. They are available on mens’ and womens’ tees in v-neck and crew neck, youth crew neck tees, and unisex adult pullover hoodies.

Coco Made Me Do It

Different Coco… I know. It’s a crossover aite? Tried to be punny here! Anyway, did you see that orange lushy hair in the design? I wanna shove my fingers into it just like what that intern did with his real hair. Wait what? You don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s one of his funniest videos! You guys saw his intern video right? (Link: YouTube) Btw, you know what would be cool? Record yourself wearing this shirt doing the string dance! I’m sure he’d love it!

Get your Coco tees & hoodies here!

Batman Beyond

Bruce Wayne is aging and needed a younger replacement. On top of that, no one is able to understand what he’s mumbling about with his Batman mask on… now even adopted a Boston accept. To assist him with his verbal insufficiency, communicating inability, he hired an assistance named Terry McGinnis. Not only does Lil’ Terry talk normally like a regular person, he even got his own version of the Batsuit with a red Batman logo on it. Now it’s your chance to represent Lil’ Terry.

Get your Lil’ Terry tees & hoodies here!

Poke Bowl in a Poké Ball

Clever huh? Word play, that’s right. We are so duckin’ punny. PUNNY AS DUCK! Punny like a mutha-quacka! Okay, okay, I’ll stop. Actually, do you know what a poke bowl is? If you’re from the West Coast I’m sure you’ve heard of this Hawaiian dish, and it should be quite popular. If you’re from the rest of the States, or outside of the States, you might have never heard of it. Anyway, “poke” is a Hawaiian word and it’s pronounced “po-kay”, kinda rhymes with the “Poké” in Pokémon right? Right? Do you see it now? How much farther do I need to explain myself? Oh just buy the tee.

Get your Poké Bowl tees & hoodies here!


WHAT IS THS?!?!? This is Batman, from Japan. They made it even more badass, I’m sure of it. Nope, we’ve never watched it or read the comic, we just thought the logo looks awesome. We read up about it on Wikipedia though, something about the Japanese magazine Shōnen Manga received license from DC Comics back in the 1960’s for the rights to come up with their own twisted Batstories for their twisted Japanese minds in their twisted Japanese ways. Did I say their logo looks cool? Yes? That’s right. That’s why it’s being printed on a shirt, it makes the shirt badass too.

Get your badass tees & hoodies here!

Pokémon Go Map Marker

If you’re standing in the middle of the street looking at your cell phone, we are not sure if you actually have friends and you’re texting with them, or you’re throwing balls at them poor little monster creatures and trying to capture them. It’d be nice for us to know, either to just walk right by ignoring you, shake our head and laugh at your geekiness, or stand next to you and bust out our cell phone to try to catch whatever the heck you’re catching. Must be an important Pokémon right? Given that you’re standing in the middle of the street ignoring your surroundings. Well… with this shirt, you’ve became a landmark. You mark the spot, the spot with something to catch. Let us follow your lead.

Get your Pokémon Go tees & hoodies here!

That’s all folks. Five new tees to wrap up this week. Now may you please excuse me, I’ve got monsters to collect.

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